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My 30th Birthday Wishlist

So I have a big birthday coming up soon! In March I’m going to be the big 3 0 how crazy is that I’m going to be officially a grown up haha how did that happen. I’ve never really felt ‘grown up’ but 30 is definitely a grown up age. I’m sure that nothing will change, I still sometimes get asked for ID and it always makes me laugh because i’m nearly 30 it just seems so comical.

Each year as soon as Christmas is over I start to think about what I would like for my birthday and even though my mum said to me ‘you can have anything apart from a bag’ of course what makes the top of my list – a bag! for me it’s all bout the bags! you can never have too many right?.


At the very top of my bag wishlist you would probably think that it would be a Chanel or something but actually if I could have any bag in the world right now it would be an Aspinals of London! My joint favourites are the slouchy saddle bag, letterbox saddle bag and the hobo bag. Sadly they are out of my price range but their is a glimmer of hope on the horizon as there is a Hobo bag in the current sale. The two tone colour of it is absolutely gorgeous! Fingers crossed that I can convince my parents to buy me a Aspinal of London bag but it will probably be too expensive still so I might go for my second choice which is a Cambridge Satchel Company Poppy backpack.

Next on my wishlist is another luxury leather item the Jem + Bea Mama pouch, I know that this has been featured on my blog a few times and I’m gutted that I haven’t been able to get one yet but hopefully soon!. The question is just what colour to go for? They are all gorgeous. I think I would choose the black but I would be very happy with any colour, I just know that I would use this for years and years keeping all my personal bits together in whatever bag I’m using.

Mere Soeur Boob Appreciation Mug, this is currently sold out as I’m typing this but hopefully it will be back in stock soon. I would love to have this mug as a reminder of my huge achievement of breastfeeding Sophia for the past 2 and a half years! She shows no signs of stopping yet either. She still feeds on demand which is all the time and it can be physically and emotionally hard at times but we have made it through a lot of tough times and are still going strong. This would act a great reminder to be proud of myself.

Mother Like No Other Jumper I love the design of this it’s just so cool. It looks super comfy too! and the 90s colours will hopefully make me feel young again and I can pretend that I’m not actually 30 haha.

Pizza Hut all you can eat – My husband asked me where I wanted to go out on my birthday expecting the answer to be a fancy Indian restaurant as it’s my favourite food but nope I surprised him and said ‘Pizza Hut all you can eat’ pizza is my joint favourite food after all. My husband works Mon-Fri which is when the buffet is on so we very rarely ever get to go. There isn’t one close by to where we live so we always have to drive there, something that I can’t do when he is at work because he uses the car. I remember going when I was heavily pregnant and i was living the dream! all you can eat pizza and refillable diet Pepsi I was in actual heaven plus it’s pretty cheap – win, win!.

I’m so sick of wearing the same clothes so I would love some awesome new mama merch, there are so many awesome brands absolutely killing it on Instagram at the moment! So hopefully I can get a new t-shirt or two! My favourite brands are Mere Soeur, Mutha Hood, Gigi Loves Blake, Do It Like A Mother, Selfish Mother, Coco Rose Apparel, Winter and Rain and The Mama Squad, I recommend checking them out, some of them donate proceeds to amazing charities too! – Jodie x


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