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Mothers Day –  Book Gift Guide

I’ve always loved books but since becoming a parent I find that I hardly ever read anymore so one of my new years resolutions is to make time to read more. I want to read more physical books as I don’t like any of that Kindle rubbish, it’s just not for me. I love the feel and smell of a well read book.

There are a lot of amazing books out at the moment and these are all parenting themed so would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Here are my picks:


Scummy Mummies £7.99

I absolutely love the Scummy Mummies! I subscribe to their podcast which is beyond hilarious! I love how they keep it real and aren’t afraid to say it like it is and are willing to put a price on how far they would go with Mr Tumble. It’s the only podcast that I listen to as soon as a new episode is out. If the podcast is anything to go by then this book will be a must buy! It’s currently at the top of my wish list. Funnily enough all the authors of the other books I’m going to recommend below have all been on the Scummy Mummies podcast.

The Unmumsy Mum Diary £8.99 (out 23rd Feb)

The original Unmumsy Mum book was a huge hit and I don’t know any mum that hasn’t read it. It is guaranteed to make you both laugh and cry. I love how down to earth Sarah is and how she isn’t afraid to talk about all the things that people don’t want to talk about such as post birth sex, things that you may not want to ask your friends down at Baby Massage about but things that we can all relate to. I love Sarah’s blog and her first book so this is definitely a must buy.

Hurrah For Gin £5.99

Known for her blunt to the point stick drawings showing parenting life in all it’s gin drinking glory, these drawings are hilarious and huge hits on the web. Behind the drawings Katie can actually write too and I love her blog. Everyone seems to already own this book apart from me but that needs to change. If you’re looking for some raw parenting humour then this is the one.

How To Grow a Baby and Push it Out £13.48 (out 2nd Feb)

Even though I am not pregnant I would love to read this book. It’s already taking the parenting world by storm. The author Clemmie is a midwife who has 4 children so she definitely knows what she is talking about. The book features lots of other well know names who have written extracts for the book such as Zoe from Dress Like A Mum. I love Clemmie’s blog Gas and Air so I know that this book will be a great read!. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift for the pregnant lady in your life.

Which book would you like to receive on Mother’s Day? – Jodie x

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