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Review & Giveaway – Tiddlers & Nippers Journal


Tiddlers and Nippers are a new brand who saw a gap in the market for babies and toddler journals, I discovered them on another blog and thought ‘what a great idea!’.

For one I am a lover of stationary and I prefer to write things down rather than use a phone app, I’m the type of person who loves to read a physical copy of a book rather than read off a screen. I also think that these journals would make a great keepsake, I still have a notebook from when my daughter was a baby and it’s nice to look back and get in that frame of mind.

So what is a Tiddler & Nippers journal I hear you ask? well they are a good quality journal with pre-made sections to record lots of different things about your baby or toddler such as food and drink intake, nappy changes, sleep, activities, milestones and much more.


I have the toddler journal and I have been using it for the past week. I write down what my daughter eats, what time she wakes up and goes to sleep, when I change her nappy etc. Most of all I have found it useful for making a note of how long she stays in her own bed at night. We only just put her in her own bed over Christmas as we have always co-slept, she rarely stays in her own bed all night so this is a good place to record what time she stayed in her own bed until. I don’t find the journal a chore to fill in, I probably sit down once or twice per day and record everything. My daughter is 2 and a half and we plan to potty train soon so this will be a good place to record any accidents or successes. Also these past few days she has been unwell and I’ve found the journal a good place to record her temperature, symptoms and the time/dosage of any medicine that we gave her. This is also invaluable if you shared childcare with someone else throughout the day so that way you can give the book over and the other care giver will know any food or medication that child has had.

Tiddlers and Nippers also make a baby journal which I would have loved when my daughter was a baby. There is so much to record early on and I remember being sat in hospital with my notebook recording the time and side she was breastfeeding on. I have kept that notebook as a reminder as for 48 hours I must have seen ever hour around the clock and you can see that my handwriting gets all wonky through lack of sleep, you can also see which side she was feeding off as if she was on my left side I had to write with my left hand and my handwriting is barely readable. These are memories that phone apps cannot give you especially when you do not have a way to keep the recorded date either. I would have also found a baby journal very useful in recording nappy changes as I remember my daughter being constipated and I couldn’t remember how many days it had last been exactly so writing it down would have made things a lot easier and I could have just shown the journal to my Dr.

Here is an over view of what I like about the journals:

  • Good quality book, great travel size to fit in my bag.
  • It comes in lots of designs, plain or patterned covers. Great unisex options.
  • Perfect for recording food/drink intake,sleep patterns, activities and milestones.
  • They also make a specialist weaning journal which I know that I would have loved.
  • It would be great for a parent with a child who takes medication regularly to record dose intake.
  • It would be great for a parent of a child with allergies to record any food/drink intake.
  • Ideal for potty training.

Overall I am loving my toddler journal and I will continue to use it. I’m sure that it will be especially useful when we potty train soon. I wish that they had been around when my daughter was a baby as I know that I would have loved it even more back then especially to record breastfeeding and weaning. If you would like to know more about Tiddlers and Nippers or you would like to purchase a journal please click here.

If you like the look of these journals then I am giving you the chance to win either a Baby or Toddler journal of your choice, please enter via the link below.


Disclaimer: I was sent my journal free of charge in return for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own. For the competition T&C’s please click on the competition link.

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5 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway – Tiddlers & Nippers Journal

  1. This trumps the post-it note lists I used to try and write to track feeds!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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