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Review: Potette Plus Travel Potty 2 in 1


We started potty training 2 weeks ago and my daughter has been doing great so far so on day 3 we were both going stir crazy being house bound and we wanted to go out. We normally attend play groups every week day so we aren’t used to staying in all day and Sophia was getting pretty bored. One thing that struck me though is even though she was doing great at home I was now terrified to take her out of the house in case of any accidents. Potty training at home is all well and good but when you want to leave the house its a whole other different story. You need to pack at least 2 changes of clothes in case of any accidents and be prepared for any eventuality. The main issue for me was where will she go to the toilet? For our first outing I planned a walk into town which is only 5 minutes away with plenty shops, not many have a toilet though such as KFC and it is only one toilet so I was worried that if she did need to go she wouldn’t be able to hold it until we got to a toilet and then I had visions of the only toilet then being occupied and my toddler weeing on the floor.

The potty we have at home is quite a large Baby Bjorn one with a high back and I found myself putting that in a large bag and taking it into town with us, it was very awkward to carry to say the least but I couldn’t imagine gong out without a potty so I started looking online for a travel potty. The regular pottys that you can buy pretty cheap from most shops are not travel friendly either it might not have a high back like mine at home but it definitely won’t fit into your changing bag or backpack.

One of my friends at playgroup was also potty training and showed me her travel potty which was the Potette Plus which I have never heard of before but it looked amazing! well as amazing as a potty can look. It is small and folds up into its own waterproof travel bag which is just a genius idea, it’s the first ‘travel potty’ that I have come across that will actually fit into my backpack or shoulder bag. I was looking into buying one of those fold up toilet seat inserts to carry around but this is even better because as well as being a stand alone potty you can also use it over any regular toilet as a child seat. The Potette Plus has 2 fold out legs that click very securely in place, you then insert a biodegradable bag which catches the waste, once your child has been on the potty you just dispose of the bags in the same way that you would a nappy. The bags have a gel liner which can absorb up to 150ml of liquid. You can buy cheaper bags online but I’ve heard that they aren’t very good, The official Potette ones do a brilliant job of absorbing any urine. When you buy the potty it comes with 3 bags as standard which you might not think is a lot but I’ve had it over 2 weeks now and took it everywhere with us and still not used all 3 yet. The Potette to me gives me the confidence to leave the house with my toddler, our walk to playgroup is 15 minutes either way and I know that if she needs the toilet in that time then I don’t have to worry as I have the Potette with me. At playgroup there are only 2 toilets which are sometimes both occupied so if they are full and my daughter needs the toilet I have the Potette with me as I know that she wouldn’t be able to hold it yet.

Why I love the Potette!

  • It gives me the confidence to leave the house with my toddler as I know that  she can go to the toilet at any time and I don’t have to worry about accidents.
  • It’s very lightweight and folds up small enough to fit in my regular bag when out and still leaves plenty room for all of our other things.
  • It’s not just a potty – it can also be used over any regular toilet as a child potty seat. This is a great idea as my daughter is a bit wary of other toilets especially because they tend to be cold and unpleasant to sit on. My daughter will happily sit on this seat.
  • It comes in its own travel bag, this makes it more hygienic to carry around as I don’t mind it being in my regular handbag with our other stuff if I know that the outer bag is always clean. to be fair the seat is always clean too because I carry around a miniature packet of antibacterial wipes to keep it clean.
  • It’s well made and very sturdy when clicked in place. The legs of it have rubber on the bottom to stop it slipping.
  • The bags that it comes with are biodegradable and hold a decent amount of liquid. They are also leak proof and would double up as travel sickness bags in an emergency which is good because my daughter is travel sick and I normally use a nappy for her to be sick into but now that I’m not carrying them around I can use these bags instead.
  • Perfect for lots of occasions such as camping, going on holiday,a picnic, a long day out such as at an amusement park were toilets can be very far apart or have long queues or just as a back up for in the car.
  • Most fold up travel toilet seats are around the £10-£15 mark and to say that this is a 2 in 1 travel potty and a seat it’s definitely worth the RRP of £15

Is there anything that I dislike?

  • The official bags can be a little pricey but I honestly wouldn’t trust the cheaper ones. A pack of 10 liners retails at about £3.99 and a 30 pack is around £10.50. As I said I’ve had this now for about 2 weeks and only used 2 liners so you won’t really go through a lot of bags it’s just about having this as a back up just in case.

Overall I really think that this is an absolutely brilliant idea and I know that I will use it for a long time even when she is fully potty trained I will take it out on long days out. I don’t think that there are any travel potty’s on the market that are this light and compact. I really don’t even notice it in my bag.

Are you planning to potty train soon? or is your little one already done? If you have any tips for me I would love to know, please leave a comment below. – Jodie x

Disclaimer – I was very kindly sent this product free of charge in return for an honest review.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Potette Plus Travel Potty 2 in 1

  1. I have one of these too. It is brilliant. We always take it with us when we are out and about. Even when the potty training stage is over, i can well see that it will remain in the back of my car for many years. Kate ( #triedtested

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  2. Oh I wish I’d had something like this! We never really took a potty out with us – just made sure we always had an eye on the nearest toilet!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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