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Review: Toni & Guy, Wigan


When I think of a high-end luxury hairdressers the first name that comes to mind is Toni & Guy! and I’m sure that it will for many other people too as Toni & Guy has been leading the fashion-forward hairdressing pack for as long as I can remember.

I started at Wigan college back in 2003 and that was the year the Wigan branch of Toni & Guy opened. There was always a real buzz about it and many hairdressers have come and gone in Wigan town centre but Toni & Guy remains as successful as ever. I’m 30 very soon and I knew that I wanted to change my hair, I wanted to enter a new decade with a new-do so I booked into Toni & Guy.

You don’t go to Toni & Guy just for a new hairstyle you go for the experience that comes along with it and the expertise of the stylists. I spoke with Linda (a Franchisee) who was absolutely lovely and very welcoming, she has been hairdressing since 1995 and has an amazing C.V. Linda works at London Fashion Week (Toni & Guy and label. m has sponsored Fashion Week many times) so she has a lot of experience on working with models, she has also won awards and nominations for Director of the Year for 3 consecutive years and also won the Wella Spotlight Competition which is amazing. Many of the stylists boast many years of hairdressing experience and have worked on many models and famous TV personalities. As you can see Toni & Guy isn’t your average salon.

As soon as you walk in you notice the salons stunning black, white and grey decor with a gorgeous overhanging chandelier. The place is immaculately clean even for a busy Saturday afternoon with lots of clients and stylists about. The large crisp white floor tiles don’t have a single dirty footprint which I’m quite surprised by. When I walk into a salon I’m usually greeted by a local radio station featuring pop music, lots of talking and annoying repetitive adverts but not at Toni & Guy, I hear easy listening music which isn’t too loud and is very enjoyable. I look around and find that the sound is coming from the TV screens which are playing Toni & Guy TV something that I found very welcoming. Toni & Guy even have their own printed magazine which makes a great read.

I was immediately greeted by Danielle at the reception desk who quickly seated me and got me comfortable by taking my coat and asking if I would like a drink, I had a prosecco as I don’t get to get out of the house child free very often so having a glass of prosecco made it feel that bit more luxurious and special. I explained to Danielle what kind of cut I wanted to achieve and we discussed how I would style it by myself at home. I found this very important as there is no point getting a fancy do but then not being able to replicate the style at home. I mentioned how my hair is thick and I would like it thinning out but how in the past I struggle with layers as I don’t like them to be visible, Danielle had a great solution which was to put the layers underneath my hair something that I have never heard of before but it worked great, it was just what I wanted and I’m very happy with it now that I have washed and styled it myself at home.

I don’t want to bore you with a big wall of text so I will list for you what I loved about visiting the Toni & Guy Wigan salon –

  • The salon itself it beautiful with a modern decor. It’s also very clean which I liked.
  • The staff were all very friendly and delivered a high level of customer service.
  • The whole experience felt very luxurious and special, I would definitely go again.
  • There is a large choice of drinks to accompany your experience. I had a glass of prosecco which I really enjoyed and I felt that it added to luxury factor.
  • This is a biggie! – for the first time ever I did not have to get in the shower as soon as I got home to wash away the annoying little hairs down my back. I was expecting to have little itchy hairs down the back of my neck something that I always experience when I have my hair cut but I didn’t at Toni & Guy.
  • The staff didn’t try to sell me stuff! I don’t know if they were meant to or not but they didn’t and I really appreciated it. I usually get bombarded with products and recommendations to buy whilst I’m having my hair done and as you are stuck in the chair unable to go anywhere it usually annoys me. Toni & Guy didn’t push me to buy anything which I thought was really good. Whilst I was having my hair washed Danielle talked to me about the products as I really loved the scent of the orange blossom conditioner and I knew that I could buy it if I wanted to but I wasn’t pressured to do so. They have a couple of large label.m product stands about for if you do want to buy any products.
  • Danielle went over and beyond with her customer service as she listened to how I wanted my hair and how I would style it at home. She wanted to make sure that I would be happy with it everyday not just on leaving the salon. I asked about how they curl hair with hair straighteners and she offered to talk me through how it’s done which I thought was really good of her.

Overall Toni & Guy might cost a little bit more than the average salon but as I said you pay for the luxury experience and the expertise of the stylists too which is definitely worth the extra cost. Also you know that you are going to receive a very high standard of customer service and that you be very happy with your hair when you leave which can’t always be said with a regular salon. I left feeling on cloud 9 with my new do and even now a few days later my hair feels so much healthier. If you are thinking of getting  your hair done whether male or female I can’t recommend Toni & Guy enough.  – Jodie x




Disclaimer: I was given this hair cut free of charge in return for a review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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