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Review: Bobux Footwear


Over the past year there has been one brand of footwear that kept popping up on my Instagram feed and that was Bobux, I could always spot a pair due to their unique and eye catching designs. There really is no other brand out there like it and I love how instantly recognisable it is, so I wanted to try them out for myself.

I have struggled to find fashionable good quality shoes for Sophia, every time we go in to Clarks they only have about 3 designs in her size and they are usually the same ones that she has had the previous season but we buy them because I feel that there is no where else. We also buy shoes from Next which are a bit hit and miss with how they fit and if they are suitable or not. I want to make sure that her shoes are comfortable for her now that she walks quite a lot and now she is old enough to tell me if she likes her shoes or not and if she wants to wear them.

We decided to try out a pair of Bobux shoes because they seem to be taking the kids fashion and Insta world by storm right now, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and to see if they are worth paying that little bit extra for?.

We went for the Blaze iWalk shoes which are designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers they come in a few designs but we couldn’t resist the unicorn one, who can resist a uncorn print?. As soon as they arrived Sophia couldn’t get them out of the box fast enough, she loves the design and calls them her ‘unicorn shoes’ even today whilst out shopping she kicked her feet out of the foot muff to show off her shoes to an unsuspecting shopper by pointing at them and shouting ‘unicorn shoes’. We have had them about a week and she has worn them everyday. She loves to put them on herself and the unicorn pictures on the inside of the shoes make it easy to know which side they go on as you can say that the unicorns need to be able to hug (or fight) and they can only do that when they are on the correct feet. The velcro straps also make it easy for her to fasten herself. Since getting them we have had a lot of compliments and people asking where we got them from.

What I love most about Bobux as a brand is just how lightweight and flexible the shoes are, if you compare them to a pair of Converse or a trainer shoe the soles on them are very rigid and hard. Bobux soles are very flexible and as well as being more comfortable to wear they are better for the health of younger feet which are still developing. Bobux put a lot of research into children’s feet and what is best for them, they are basically the experts in this field and it shows in their design.

Why I love Bobux:

  • The modern design is like no other out there and I find it instantly recognisable as Bobux. I find the designs very fashionable and I absolutely love them.
  • I love how they promote healthy feet and how Bobux really care about children’s feet and how they put a lot of research into it. They have shoes for each development stage.
  • The shoes are very lightweight and flexible which really sets them apart from any others. My daughter finds them very comfortable to wear and can play as toddlers do without being weighed down by heavy clunky shoes.
  • They help children learn to put shoes on the correct feet.
  • They are a great fit and come up a little big which I think is great as even though the shoes are a great fit they still have a bit of growing room. Before ordering please make sure to measure your child’s feet and check Bobux’s expert size guide.



Is there anything that I don’t like?

No I really love these shoes and I will definitely be buying Bobux in the future as I can see how much more comfortable they are for Sophia. I would rather pay out that bit extra on a quality pair of shoes that she can wear most days rather than have lots of pairs of cheaper ones. Last year we spent £42 on a pair of boots from Next and these are the same price so I feel that these prices are competative with those on the high street. If you think of it as price per wear its defiantly worth it and I love how they have a decent amount of growing room. I have my eye on a pair of the summer sandals next.

To shop the Bobux range please click here.

Have you heard of the brand Bobux before? They have recently won silver in the Made For Mums Awards, I think that 2017 is going to be a big year for them. – Jodie x

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for reviewing purposes. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own. 

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