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Me & I Clothing


Me & I are a Swedish clothing company who are known for their unique bright and bold designs.

The company was founded in 2004 by Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell at their dining room table and is now available in 5 different countries and has a turnover of nearly 20 million.

They specialise in women and kids clothing which they release twice per year, a spring/summer collection and an autumn/winter one.

The difference between Me & I versus regular high street clothing brands are:

  • The clothing is of higher quality, the majority of Me & I clothing is certified OEKO-TEX standard. This means that the manufacturing process is highly regulated in that there are no hazardous substances involved in the cleaning or dyeing of the fabrics. Some dyes and chemicals can be an irritant so if you have sensitive skin then these fabrics would be a great option for you.
  • As the clothing is made from soft high quality materials they are designed to last a lot longer than cheap fabrics as the workmanship that you find on the high-street usually starts to fall apart at the seams after one wash.
  • The baby clothes are made from super soft organic cotton.
  • A lot of the kids clothing is unisex which is something that I feel strongly about and I wish that more brands would get on board with.
  • All the clothes are produced in Portugal or Turkey where the factories are guaranteed to have good working conditions for their employees as there is a strict code of conduct in place to make sure that this happens.
  • The prices are a little higher than the high-street but I feel that the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing reflects that.

Over the past few weeks I have been testing out a couple of items, the classic straight pants on me and the raining hearts top on Sophia.


I really love these pants as they look like jeans but they are more of a ‘pant’ material. They are very soft and lightweight compared to jeans and they are very comfortable to wear. I am always wary of buying jeans online because it’s like a 50/50 chance that they will fit. I am usually a size 10 so I ordered a size 28/32 and to my relief they are a great fit! I am 5’6 and the 32 leg is the perfect length for me, due to the lightweight material these pants look great rolled up into a cropped leg and thats how I prefer to wear them. I love wearing bright clothing as I always feels that it lightens up my mood. I don’t havee any coloured pants as I usually just wear blue or black jeans so it feels refreshing to have these red pants in my wardrobe. They are a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe and I am sure that I am going to get lots of wear out of them. I like that they are a high waist pant as I find lo-rise jeans uncomfortable and lets face it having a child involves lots of bending over – picking stuff up, tying shoes, wiping their noses etc and lo-rise jeans are going to be revealing when doing that so now I always opt for a high-waist option if it’s available. I also like the discreate branding to the rear of the waist as I don’t like anything to flashy. The pants are very comfortable to wear and they feel great quality. They have also washed very well as after a few washes I don’t see any signs of wear or fading. The pants are priced at £74 which I know is a lot of money but if you are looking for a good quality pair that are going to last then these would make a great versitile piece for anyones capsule wardrobe. You could dress these up with a shirt and heels for the office or a night out or dress them down by rolling up the bottoms and pairing with some trainers and a t-shirt.

Sophia has been getting a lot of wear out of the raining hearts top and has received a lot of positive comments from other mums at playgroups. I love the cut of the top around the neck and the sleeves as it’s a unusal design, it looks great on and the wide neck makes it easy for her to get on and off herself. I have found the material very stretchy and dare I say it wrinkle free? it keeps it’s shape very well and stands up to regular toddler abuse. The top also washes well as I haven’t noticed any fading or running of the colours. The top retails at £25 and Sophia usually wears age 2-3 years clothing, in this top we have the 98/104 size and it is a perfect fit for her with a bit of growing room to spare.

Overall I would highly reccommend Me & I to others as I love the unique designs and the high quality of the clothing. If I was looking to purchase a capsule collection of clothing to see me through each season I would definately choose a few pieces from Me & I due to their versitility and I know that they will be long lasting. I don’t mind paying a bit more for an item of clothing if I can create lots of different looks with it and if I know that the fit and quality will be good.


You can buy Me & I clothing through their website here or directly through one of their sales consultants who you can contact through their website. If you are wishing to make a purchase and would like to see the items for yourself up close first then you might prefer to ‘host a party’ it doesn’t have to be big they recommend 3-4 people but you can invite as many as you like and a consultant will come out and join you. There is no obligation to buy and the hostess gets to choose a free gift and will get 20% off a item of their choosing so it may be worth considering.

What do you think? Me & I gets a thumbs up from us. – Jodie

Disclaimer:  I was sent these items free of charge in return for a review, as always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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