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Elderflower & Delilah – Feed 3 in 1 Top


I have been breastfeeding my daughter for nearly 3 years and one thing that I have always struggled with is finding fashionable, good quality clothes that I can breastfeed in. I quickly got fed up of those predictable maternity Blooming Marvellous tops as they looked like a tent on me. You need to find the right balance of clothing that is both nursing friendly but doesn’t look or make you feel frumpy. That is why I love the Feed top Elderflower & Delilah because you can wear it if you pregnant or not, due to the design you can tie it at the bottom on both sides so if you no longer have a bump you tie it tighter so it can be a fitted garment at the bottom. There are many things that I love about this top which are:

  • It’s good quality and the design is very well thought out. You can tell that it was designed by a mum.
  • All off it from the fabric down to the labels are all made here in the UK.
  • It makes a great gift, it  comes in a handy travel bag which is packaged in a very nice gift box.
  • The material is UPF 50 so it will protect you and your little one from the sun.
  • It’s one size fits all so you don’t have to guess what size your friend is if you are buying a gift.
  • The fabric is very soft and stretchy so it always holds it shape so it’s suitable to wear as a maternity top and then also as a normal top once you’ve had your baby and your bump has gone.
  • You can breastfeed nice and discrete in it as there is room to put your newborn comfortably inside whilst you feed so if you are worried about exposing anything then this is a good option for you, I wear it to breastfeed my 2-year-old and I obviously don’t put her inside but I still feel covered well feeding her through the sleeve.
  • Big sleeves are in fashion right now and I love how the large batwing sleeves of this top look, they also help to keep me cool as your armpits are nice and free so  don’t feel too hot. When you’ve had a baby you often feel very hot for quite a while afterwards so it’s nice to wear something cooling.
  • It also works as a car seat, carry cot cover to protect your little one from the sun.
  • Would work great for pumping at home, in the hospital or when you go back to work, you can just put this on and you don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on you and you being exposed.
  • It’s very light so perfect to carry around with you.
  • It comes in lots of different colours from neutral tones to my bright pink one.
  • They ship worldwide.
  • Award winning design.

From the pictures you can see that there is a big gap under the arms of the garment for you to fit your baby inside so you will need to wear a top underneath it so that you won’t be exposed. I wear a breastvest (like a normal vest but is low-cut at the front so it lies under your boobs) but you could wear any top that you like it doesn’t have to be a breastfeeding specific one as to feed you would just pull up the top underneath above your bra leaving the Feed top down so you can feed discretely.




Overall I love this top and I wish I that I had it when Sophia was little as it’s so comfortable and easy to feed in. I can’t think of any down sides at all. The product costs £45 which I think is reasonable due to the fact that its high quality UPF 50 material and a multipurpose product, I am also happier to pay that little bit extra if the item is made here UK, something that seem a rarity these day.

Elderflower & Delilah also make matching cover up scarves too which I love the look of, to check out the full product range please click here.

Which colour is your favourite? Mine is the pink but it was a close toss up between it and the pewter.  – Jodie x


Disclaimer: I was gifted this item in return for a honest product review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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