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Pizza Express Artisana Range


One of the things that me and my husband have in common is that we both love pizza! like really love pizza, I think there was a time back in our youth where we literally ate it every day. Many time we would call our local takeaway and they would know what we wanted without us even having to ask so it was pretty bad. Those were the days haha.

Over the years I have tried many supermarket pizzas on the hunt for something of good quality, I mostly failed but on the rare occasion that I would find one that I liked they would usually change their ingredients a year or so later down the line so right now we don’t rate any supermarket frozen pizza. I  have turned to the fresh Pizza Express pizza’s from Tesco – I really like them but they are quite expensive for what they are and I usually end up freezing them anyway if the date isn’t very good.

So I was very excited when I saw that my local Iceland have a whole Pizza Express range woohoo! it’s exclusive to them and it’s also very reasonably priced. The fresh Pizza Express small pizzas are usually £4.50 in Tesco but in Iceland a pizza of the same size is £2 (might be £2.50 in some stores). Iceland do have different flavours and I was recently sent a voucher to try the new Artisana range. We bought the Chicken Barbacoa pizza and the Carbonara pasta. At first look the artwork and name on the box of the pizza give me the impression that the chicken pizza had a bbq base – something that I don’t like, but after reading the pizza description I was very happy to find out that it doesn’t.



Here is what I thought about the pizza:

  • very good quality ingredients, you can tell that they aren’t the cheapest and the toppings seem really fresh. I find that peppers and red onion usually go mushy but these didn’t.
  • they aren’t skinny with the amount of toppings either, I’ve often been disappointed when I have pulled a pizza out of the box and the toppings have looked very sparse and nothing like the picture on the box.
  • the chicken is marinated and full of flavour, nothing spoils a pizza like crap quality chicken, I usually pick it all off but I didn’t have to with this one.
  • the cheese was great quality, a lot of frozen pizzas have that ‘fake’ liquid cheese on that I find disgusting (Aldi I’m looking at you) but on this pizza there are large pieces of genuine mozzarella.
  • the pizza is of great value at only £2, it feels like a more high-end luxury pizza.

Any Cons?

  • I love this pizza but we did notice that it took twice as long to cook than it said on the box. We usually have no trouble cooking items to the guidelines in our oven and we did pre-heat it first and followed the cooking instructions step by step but it did take longer than the guidelines to cook but it was definitely worth the wait.

Overall we are both very impressed with this pizza and we feel like we are pizza connoisseurs. We have since gone back and bought more and tried other flavours but for me personally this chicken one is my favourite. I prefer it over the fresh flavours of Pizza Express that Tesco sell to.


I also liked the Carbonara pasta and I felt like it was a god portion size and again very good quality ingredients and for the price I feel like is was great value and I will definitely buy it again.

Which is your favourite frozen pizza? – Jodie x

Disclaimer: We were sent vouchers to buy these products in return for a product review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Pizza Express Artisana Range

  1. I’m not a fan of chicken on pizzas either – it usually tastes fake doesn’t it! I’m glad Pizza Express’s version wasn’t like this x

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