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Review: Pacmat Picnic Blanket


I always like to have a picnic blanket as even in my youth I always had one to relax at the park during long breaks between college classes or if I was going to a festival etc. I refuse to sit on damp grass and usually when the weather is nice you will struggle to find a vacant bench so a picnic blanket is a must.

I bought one last year which turned out to be a disaster as when it arrived it was teeny tiny! I’ve had changing mats bigger. Before I got my Pacmat I was scouring eBay for a decent picnic blanket and even the ones labelled as ‘family size’ were super small when I looked at the measurements. The one that I ordered had a picture of a family of 4 sat on it with loads of room to spare but when I unravelled it there was barely enough room for just me. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has had this issue. So I am so happy to finally find a great quality and sizeable picnic blanket with the Pacmat. It’s big enough to fit a family of 4 on and it’s lightweight, waterproof and best of all it folds up small, it will even fit in my changing bag which is a bonus. I really couldn’t ask for more and this blanket exceeds all of my expectations beyond what I could imagine. We are going to Chester Zoo tomorrow and I will definitely be taking my Pacmat along.

I have the largest of the Pacmat picnic blankets available which is the XL size. I have the grey colour from the signature collection but Rubbastuff also make some with gorgeous colourful prints on. My favourite is the original print as I just love the bright bold pattern.

Pacmat is so much more than just a picnic blanket as you could use it as a travel baby mat to take to baby groups with you so your baby always has a clean comfortable place to sit. I would recommend one of the smaller sizes to use as a baby blanket though but I guess that you could just leave the XL folded up in half or a quarter of its original size. The XL blanket is also the perfect prop for making a den! I love that it can be a multi functional item, I’m always willing to pay that little bit more for an item that has more than one use so the Pacmat definitely ticks that box.

Reasons why I love the Pacmat:

  • The XL size is actually XL unlike other ones out there, this blanket easily has room to seat a family of 4 comfortably. It’s dimensions unfolded are 140cm x 240cm.
  • It folds up small and easily fits in my changing bag backpack. It’s folded dimensions are approx 38cm x 9cm.
  • One of the most important features for me is that it’s light! you have enough stuff to carry around when you have children so you don’t need a heavy blanket adding to the mix. The XL PacMat weighs in at only 630g.
  • It’s machine washable, another must when you have kids.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s comfortable to sit on.
  • It has slits in the corners where you can hold it down using a tent pegs. This is such a clever touch that I would never have thought of but because the mat is light it would easily blow up with the wind if not weighed down. Tent pegs are the perfect solution.
  • You could use it as a baby blanket either at home or when travelling.
  • Great for den making.
  • It comes with an elastic wrap so you can keep it tidy and folded at all times when not in use.
  • It’s made in Britain.

Is there anything that I dislike about the product? No there is nothing that I dislike about this product it exceeded all of my expectations and more. It feels excellent quality too so I know that I can use it year after year where as with the cheaper ones I would usually throw them away after the summer as they weren’t washable and wouldn’t last.

This blanket retails at £35 for the plain signature colours, the patterned ones are £47. Rubbastuff also have smaller Pacmats starting from £17. If you wish to purchase one of the signature Pacmats in any size then you can get 10% off using my exclusive discount code WIGAN_MUM at the checkout. To view the signature collection please click here.




Disclaimer: I was gifted this product to review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own. The 10% discount code is valid until mid June.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Pacmat Picnic Blanket

  1. We always take our picnic blanket everywhere as you never know when everyone might need a rest! This one looks fab 🙂 #triedtested

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