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Jem + Bea Mama Clutch Bag


This is a item that I have wanted for a long time and as my 30th birthday was coming up this was at the top of my list.

I love how it has multiple uses as you can use it as a clutch bag or as a stylish organiser inside of your handbag or changing bag. Since I got this for my birthday in March I have used it ever single day since, I use it to keep all of my small personal belongings together inside of my changing bag as little things like bobbles or headphones can easily get lost in your bag and make it look untidy. Now I always know where they are, I also used it as a stand a lone clutch bag when we went out for a meal on Mother’s Day.

I know that some people will think that it is a little pricey at £45 but it is very high quality and made from real leather and as it is a multi use item that definitely warrants the price for me. It is a luxurious item and it feels luxurious which is all part of it’s charm. I have it in black but I have been eyeing it up in blush pink too.

To see what other colours it’s available in please click here.

To see what other uses I have found for this clutch please click here.

What would you use this clutch for the most? – Jodie x



Disclaimer: – This is not a sponsored post or ad, I received this clutch as a gift from my husband for my birthday.


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