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The Beta Mum: Adventures In Alpha Land



I love the feeling of a well read, dog-eared book in my hands. I might be a bit old-school in the way that I prefer to read physical books – I don’t like reading digitally on a Kindle. My husband often makes fun of me because he has a Kindle but I always have a physical book on the go, luckily I live across the road from my local library so I’m not short of choice. My passion for reading has definitely taken a back step since I became a mum but more recently I have been getting back into and even though I don’t a book as quick as I once did I feel that it is very important for your mental health to still enjoy hobbies and activities that you did before becoming a parent afterwards.

One thing that is now more important is finding a book that is easy to read as I know that I will be putting it down and picking it up a lot. Also I appreciate a book that’s light – no heavy hardbacks as I carry enough stuff around in my changing bag so a light book is a must.

I have just finished reading The Beta Mum: Adventures in Alpha Land and I was really sucked into the narrative of what it would be like to be a mum surrounded by rich, celebrity ‘super’ mums. It was a humorous, light-hearted read but best of all it was very relatable. Motherhood is very competitive, people judge you on how you dress, what your child wears, what your child eats, what pram you have etc etc there is nothing that we aren’t judged on and mothers especially often form ‘cliques’. Sometimes I feel part of them and sometimes I feel left on the sidelines. I found reading about the main character Sophie Bennett, her husband Michael and her young daughter Kaya moving from a quiet suburb in Canada to a very posh area of West London where she finds herself trying to fit in with this group of ‘Alpha Mums’ a fascinating read. Sophie is just a regular mum who isn’t well off and enjoys the simple life when she is thrown head first into the deep end of the competitive parenting world of Cherry Blossoms. Any regular person would think that it is just any private nursery but in the world of the Alpha Mums it the red carpet where they parade their wealth and high flying lives, from extremely lavish children’s birthday parties held in Grand Ballrooms of posh hotels featuring live animals, merri-go-rounds to Winter Fairs so grand that they raise over £78,000 for charity. This world couldn’t be more different that the one that Sophie and her family left behind in Canada and as Michael spends more and more time at work Sophie feels completely isolated from everyone so she takes to writing her own parenting blog to express her feelings. She didn’t expect anyone to read her blog but it soon takes on a life of it’s own and what goes up must come down from the celebrity life changing scandals to the judgy mums. The Beta Mum was a very entertaining read that it is very well written, it would be the perfect summer companion. You don’t need to be a parent or blogger to enjoy this book. Overall it left me wanting to read more about Alpha Land as I found it completely fascinating, we would all love a taste of stardom and wealth and this book gave me a glimpse of what being a mum in that world might be like.

The Beta Mum is written by Isabella Davidson who is a popular blogger herself over at Notting Hill Yummy Mummy. This is her debut novel which she started writing during a 6 month Faber Academy novel writing course and is released next week on Tuesday 20th June. It is available to buy in both paperback and kindle editions.


Jodie x



Disclaimer:  I was gifted this book in return for a honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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