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What Does Baby Want? – A Children’s Book About Breastfeeding

A few times when I have been breastfeeding my daughter at a playgroup a child will come up to me looking puzzled and say ‘what is she doing?’ which is very understandable because a lot of children are bottle fed and have never seen anyone breastfeed so they don’t know what it is. The same as my daughter asks me what dummies are because she never had one.

All the dolls that you buy come with a bottle and a dummy as an accessory so a child who was bottle fed will think that is how all babies are fed. I don’t have a problem with this but I would like children to learn that babies can be fed many ways and that either is completely normal. A good way to do this is to tell them about it and that’s why Tupera Tupera a top design husband and wife duo created this book. They are based in Japan and have won awards for their talents. This is their 5th book published in English and Phaidon who are a global publisher decided to published this brilliant children’s book about breastfeeding. I think that this is an absolutely amazing way to introduce children to breastfeeding and to normalise it across the board. It is a bright colourful board book aimed at ages 0-2, my daughter is 3 very soon and since we recieved this book it has been her favourite. She always asks for the ‘baby’ book. I’ve got a lot of friends who bottle fed their first child and are hoping to breastfeed their second child, this book would be a great way to introduce breastfeeding to their toddler so when the new baby is breastfeeding they will know that they are having mum from mum.

What Does Baby Want? is a short story aimed at younger children about a hungry baby who does not want their teddy bear, ball or even a shiny tambourine because they only want one thing which is mummy’s milk, they are happy and content after feeding and then go to sleep. I love how this book looks visually as it is circular shaped so when you open a double page the writing is on the left hand side page and then there is a large circular image on the right page. The shape of the pages help young minds to guess what might be next which are mummies breasts. My daughter looked amazed when I opened the double page showing two breasts and she shouted ‘milks’ that’s what baby wants. It seems so obvious when you finally get there.

The book is very engaging and easy to follow, after reading it to my daughter once she now ‘reads’ it to us – she cannot read but she follows the story from the pictures. I absolutely love this book and so does my daughter. I’m really happy to see breastfeeding being normalised in this way and I feel this book would benefit children no matter how they are fed. This book is out on Monday 26th June which co-insides with National Breastfeeding Week in the UK.

What Baby Wants is available to purchase now on Amazon for £8.95.

Jodie x

Disclaimer: I was sent this book free of charge in return for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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