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Do You Drink Enough Water?

I will be the first to admit it – I don’t like water. Up until recently I would drink only diet coke and tea all day, I started to buy vimto to see if I could encourage myself to drink that but it didn’t really work and if I didn’t buy diet coke I would just manage without and still not drink any water. I know that this is really bad and I do suffer from a lot of headaches. I went on like this for a long time and very rarely drank water on its own, I went to the Dr’s and had blood tests to find the cause of my headaches, I even often have high blood pressure and my Dr told me to lower my caffeine and salt intake.

I knew that things needed to change especially with me still breastfeeding I really should have been drinking 2 litres per day. I got an app (Aqualert) on my phone to keep a record of my daily water intake and it worked for about week and then I got bored and fell back into my old routine. I then bought a Klean Kanteen reusable bottle so wherever I go I take water with me and I have found that by doing this I will actually drink it, I went from drinking 0-200ml of water per day to 600-800ml which was great but it wasn’t enough. When I was back at home I again would fall back into the habit of Diet Coke and tea. I have finally found a solution that works for me the Hydrate M8 reusable bottle, it has the times written on the side as a constant goal throughout the day. I like to keep ahead of my time which is a morale boost feeling that I’m ahead of my target and my water intake is now around 1.8-2 litres per day. I have been using this for about 2-3 weeks now and I have hit my target everyday. I have noticed that I feel like I have more energy and my headaches have now decreased.


I find it important to carry a reusable water bottle with me everyday and I feel like I am helping to do my little bit for the planet rather than buying bottled water and causing more plastic waste. I have teamed up with Sodastream for their 50 shades of yellow campaign as apparently 7 million British adults go without drinking water everyday! That sounds crazy doesn’t it but I find it easy to believe as a couple of months ago that was me. I would rather drink pop as I don’t really like the taste of water or find it refreshing, I find that I force myself to drink it just to hit my target and I don’t enjoy it. I recently got the Sodastream Fizzi machine which is a slimmer sleeker design than the originals and makes sparkling water. This is perfect for me as I don’t really like the taste of regular water so I can add fresh fruit (lemon and lime is my favourite combo) to it and press the button for a short while and then I have a tasty refreshing drink, so when I drink it I can fool myself into thinking that it’s pop which helps me to up my intake.

I just took the 50 shades of yellow pee test and I scored a 3 which is very good, anything under a 20 means that you are hydrated enough. If over 20 you need to up your water intake. If you want to take part you can download it here.
I have really seen a massive difference in my water intake now that I carry either a Klean Kanteen or Hydrate M8 bottle with me at all times, because it’s there I will just drink it and I like how the Hydrate M8 has a wide straw so after only one gulp I will see the water level on the bottle go down loads so it feels like I am doing minimum work for maximum benefit. I feel strongly about using high quality reusable bottles as apart from being good for the planet they are better for your health as they are BPA free which means that they don’t release nasty chemicals into the water the same as bottled water does. The bottle that came with my Fizzi machine was BPA free too so thats a real positive for me, it’s something that I always look for.

Overall it’s worth doing the quick pee test on yourself or your children to see if you are hydrated enough. Let me know what you scored in the comments below. – Jodie x

Disclaimer: – I was gifted a Sodastream Fizzi machine in exchange for taking part in this campaign. As always all thoughts and opinons here are my own.


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