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What Does Baby Want? – A Children’s Book About Breastfeeding

A few times when I have been breastfeeding my daughter at a playgroup a child will come up to me looking puzzled and say ‘what is she doing?’ which is very understandable because a lot of children are bottle fed and have never seen anyone breastfeed so they don’t know what it is. The same… Continue reading What Does Baby Want? – A Children’s Book About Breastfeeding

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Review & Giveaway – Tiddlers & Nippers Journal

Tiddlers and Nippers are a new brand who saw a gap in the market for babies and toddler journals, I discovered them on another blog and thought ‘what a great idea!’. For one I am a lover of stationary and I prefer to write things down rather than use a phone app, I’m the type of… Continue reading Review & Giveaway – Tiddlers & Nippers Journal

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Mothers Day –  Book Gift Guide

I’ve always loved books but since becoming a parent I find that I hardly ever read anymore so one of my new years resolutions is to make time to read more. I want to read more physical books as I don’t like any of that Kindle rubbish, it’s just not for me. I love the feel… Continue reading Mothers Day –  Book Gift Guide

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Books for Mums 

Before I had my daughter I loved to read, if I got into a good book I would spend all my spare time reading it. I remember reading New Moon (don’t judge) whilst stirring my spaghetti bolognese because I just couldn’t put it down. Then along comes motherhood where spare time no longer exists, I’ve thought about actually pencilling ‘relax’ into my… Continue reading Books for Mums